The food you eat regularly can effect your health. This is because food is more than just calories, it is information. That means the food you eat tells your cells what to do. Depending on your body's unique composition certain foods can:-

- Trigger or reduce inflammation
- Spike or regulate blood sugar
- Cause weight gain or weight loss
- Switch genes on or off
- Trigger or heal the immune system

Inflammation is when immune cells flood the body to protect it from an injury or infection. It is the redness, swelling and pain we experience when we cut ourselves, only it happens internally. Inflammation is a healthy mechanism, unless it happens constantly. Chronic inflammation can occur when you unknowingly eat foods that aren't suited to your body's unique biochemistry. This can cause digestive problems, headaches, memory loss, brain fog, vertigo, tinnitus, hearing loss and weight gain. Inflammation is also linked with all chronic diseases, including Ménière's.

Working out which foods are best for your particular body (as well as which aren't) can help you find your way to optimum health. I have Ménière's disease myself, so I'm aware of both the debilitating nature of Ménière's, and how incredible it feels to take control of your own health.

Is Ménière's ruining your life?
Are you desperate for silence?
Do you suffer debilitating bouts of tinnitus, vertigo and deafness?
Are you easily stressed or anxious?
Are you constantly exhausted?
Would you like to find an alternative approach?